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In addition to driveways, we offer an exterior landscaping service to enhance the rest of your outside space in line with your new driveway

Our highly skilled design team and horticultural workforce are here to provide you with exactly the domestic & commercial landscaping solutions that you need. We offer a full range of high quality landscaping services in Northampton, offering you the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technical and ecological advances in horticulture which can help you save money whilst protecting the environment at the same time.

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Our soft landscaping services are perfect for restoring your garden’s natural beauty, and we cover all garden sizes from small one-off jobs to larger projects completed over a number of weeks.

Our professional soft landscaping services include:

• Full planning and garden design

• Garden walls and steps

• Water feature and pond installation

• Decking and patio installation

• Turfing and seeding

• Astro Turf installation

• Garden borders.

We’re committed to providing you with a beautiful and inviting garden that exceeds your expectations. We offer our professional services for the most competitive rates, and all staff are fully trained and qualified.

We Also Offer the Following Tree Services

Tree Surgery

Urban trees need to be maintained, as they can become a danger to the public. Old wounds can become weak points on the tree. Trees naturally produce dead wood, which can be removed before it falls causing damage to property or people. Certain growth abnormalities can become potential weak points as the tree matures. All these things cause potential hazards. Trees that are growing near to houses may have their branches interfering with gutters or windows. The tree may be just far too big for the size of garden it is in.

Dismantling and Felling

The complete removal of a tree, by carefully removing it in sections, when an unsafe tree is a hazard to property or the public. JD Doran Ltd is a highly specialist firm and has invested in rigging equipment and training to ensure you get the very best and safest sectional fell.

Crown reduction

We can crown reduce your tree if you require,Due to the subsequent re growth normally we would recommend that the tree is in the wrong position and you would be far better off removing and replanting with a more suitable species.

Stump Grinding

We can grind all sizes of stumps in all locations, due to our compact stump grinder.